We are service oriented. Our aim is to serve the mankind by providing the best quality of clay tiles so as to satisfy our customers in all respects. In short our ultimate happiness lies at the production of the secured, attractive and rigid clay tiles so that everybody can get access to our products. Our major products consists of,

Roof Tiles: These tiles cover the roof safely and protect the building from extreme hotness and heavy rain falls as well as from other temperature fluctuations.

Floor Tiles: Actually our floor tiles entirely changes the entire atmosphere of the building and provides a lot of attraction to the buildings. The most important aspect of our floor clay tiles is its value of health. It imparts a good deal of friction and yields natural feelings to the feet without footwear as if we are walking in the natural ground. So don’t hesitate to utilize our ground tiles in your mansions and get all the benefits and comforts.

Decorative clay tiles:Modernized mansions always need a decorative clay tile that provides the satisfaction of traditional homes as well as modern homes. Usually decorative clay tiles are employed at roofs, ceilings, walls and floors. In short our decorative3 clay tiles provide attractive nature, and the best appearance.